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Our Mission

As Mary's Missionaries of Mercy, we enter into the life and the mission of the Church with the Blessed Virgin Mary as our mother, our model, and our intercessor.  With devotion, we received this most Blessed Mother as our own as did St. John when our Lord Jesus spoke to the beloved disciple from His Holy Cross, “Behold your mother” (John 19:27).  Upon receiving Mary as his mother, St. John responded with great love and immediate generosity as we are told “from that hour the disciple took her into his home.” At this time of unrest in our world and brokenness in our Church, the Crucified Lord invites us again to “behold our mother” and to bring her into our homes with an ever increasing generosity and trust in her maternal care and intercessory power. Just as Mary gathered with the disciples in the upper room to pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, MMoM strives to be a modern-day gathering of missionary disciples with our Mother Mary in the “upper room” of our homes and hearts to pray for the purification and healing of our Church and peace in our world – the building of God’s Kingdom here on earth.


Fr. Adam Potter grew up in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania, with his parents and five younger siblings.  After his high school graduation in 2006, he attended Penn State University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Math in 2010. After graduation, he entered the seminary for the Diocese of Pittsburgh. After earning a Master's degree in Philosophy from Duquesne University, Bishop Zubik sent Fr. Adam to Rome for his theology studies, where he received his Bachelor of Sacred Theology degree from the Pontifical Gregorian University and his License in Studies on Marriage and Family from the John Paul II Institute. Fr. Adam was ordained a priest on June 25, 2016 at St. Paul Cathedral by Bishop Zubik. He is now the Parochial Vicar at Mary Mother of God Parish in White Oak and Mckeesport.

In and through his own deep devotion and love for our Blessed Mother, Fr. Adam looks forward to his involvement in MMoM as a spiritual advisor. Be assured of his prayers and his support in the mission of this ministry.

Our Spiritual Advisor

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